Health Insurance Carriers In Florida

Florida has one of the largest network of health insurance providers in the U.S. several reputed insurance firms are marketing their wide array of health insurance plans in the state to meet the health cover requirements of the Florida residents.

Florida Department of Insurance regulates the insurance business in the state. Insurance carriers must have obtained license from the state to sell their insurance policies in Florida. The various insurance carriers in the state are required to abide by certain laws put in place by the federal and state governments with respect to the policies they sell. This article discusses some reputed and prominent health insurance carriers in the state and their products. Each of the health insurance plans you find in the state of Florida can be tailor made to fit in your typical health care requirements and budget. The three major kinds of health insurance products sold in the Florida state include individual,Guest Posting group and small business health insurance plans. In addition, there is also a self-employed health insurance policy option available in Florida. Read on to familiarize with some of the major health insurance carriers I the state.
Aetna is a highly popular insurance provider in Florida with long standing presence in the insurance market. The firm offers a vast array of health insurance coverage options to Florida residents including medical coverage, drug prescription coverage and dental procedures. Over and above, Aetna is also offering a number of other coverage options that can be customized for the requirements of the subscribers. Some of the newer lines of services offered by the firm include alternative medical coverage, disease management and end of life care. Thereby the firm marks a evolutionary break from the conventional approach to health insurance. Aetna’s health care coverage is realized through a large network of about 672,000 health care providers, over 4,000 hospitals and more than 400,000 physicians. More than 14 million subscribers have purchased health insurance plans from Aetna Health Plan.
Blue Cross Blue Shield is one another popular insurance carrier in the state of Florida marketing a broad range of health insurance coverage options including traditional kinds of plans, PPO and HMO plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield also offers medical, dental and prescription coverage in Florida thereby benefiting small business and large groups seeking health insurance coverage for its employees and members.
Humana is yet another reputed Florida health insurance carriers selling equally good number of health insurance plans starting from basic coverage. One of the specialties of the firm includes PPO combined extensive health care plans featuring customized health cover. The firm also sells short term health insurance coverage exclusively designed for graduate students besides a high deductible option that operates through a health care spending account.
Vista Health Care operates in Florida with a network of more than 6,000 doctors and 70 hospitals with a customer base of about 330,000 subscribers. Some of the major kinds of policies sold by the firm include HMOs, PPOs, and POS plans besides several others. Golden Rule Insurance Company aka United Health One is highly known in the State of Florida for its unique health savings accounts offered with high deductible health insurance plans.
While choosing the right insurance carrier, Florida residents may explore the policy options of each of these firms to see whether they met their typical health care requirements and budget. The choice of a health insurance policy must always take into account the considerations regarding the carrier as well as the policy sold by them.

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